About Us


Stellar Marine Foods is a global exporter of the finest Indian seafood. Founded in 2009 by Jayant Mirani, Managing Director of a group of companies, the company has dedicated itself to becoming a trusted brand in the seafood exports market worldwide.

Our wide range of seafood products include some of the India’s favourite crustacean shrimps like vannamei shrimps, popular fin fish and cephalopods like cuttlefish and squid. Our factory unit is centrally located surrounded by 7 major fish receiving ports and complies with the international standards.

We source fresh produce by tying up with various approved suppliers as well as aquaculture farmers to ensure that the best quality of seafood is processed in our factory. We are meticulous about the quality of produce that enters and leaves the factory. This is why our processes and equipments strictly adhere to highest International EU approved standards and we adopt the highest grade food safety and hygiene practices.

Our fleet of highly efficient refrigerated vans ensure that the raw material procured from the docks reaches our factory fresh and without any damage. On reaching the factory it is processed and frozen without delay so that the freshness and quality of our products is maintained.

Trusted Sourcing

Trusted Sourcing

We source the freshest catch by procuring only from trusted catcher boats, approved suppliers and trusted aquaculture farms. We build strong tie ups with the local communities, fishermen, suppliers and farmers. By creating a cohesive network of all the interlinked players in the supply chain, we are able to maintain consistency of freshness and quality in our products.

Quality & Safety

Quality & Safety

To deliver the best quality of products we adhere to every legal food safety requirement throughout all our business processes, and use a fully documented Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) system. We have an in house team laboratory and QC Team to ensure the highest quality standards are met by performing various tests on our products to ensure no antibiotics/contaminants are found.

Technology Driven

Technology Driven

We are constantly a step ahead in adopting and evolving our technological resources. We have a fully equipped processing plant with top of the line machinery, superior transportation facilities and robust shipping capabilities.



We adopt practices that are ecologically sustainable and follow the necessary regulations as a responsible business of this growing industry. We envision that only a symbiotic business model can drive long term growth and aim to lead in this direction.


We follow strict policies for processing and marketing products with consistent quality. By achieving all the International standards for food safety and consumer satisfaction we aim to –

  • Constantly strive to understand and meet the ever growing needs of the customer
  • Meet national and international standards in processes and products to consistently deliver high quality
  • Constantly maintain highest level of hygiene and practice hazard free operations.
  • Utilize state-of- art technology in handling and processing of fish and fishery products


We go a step forward with our commitment to excellence by –

  • Implementing state of the art technology and processes to enhance productivity and deliver quality at a competitive price.
  • Integrating processes for clean production, pollution prevention and optimized resource utilization across all operations.
  • Following food safety management system and apply HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control points) principles to provide safe products to customers.
  • Developing and empowering our people and cultivating a vibrant work environment to encourage excellence.
  • Complying with applicable regulations and legislations of both National and importing countries.
  • Pledging to provide safe quality products through a clean and hygienic environment.